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The Water Harmonizer is a stand alone app, designed to harmonize what we drink, giving it a higher vibration, based on encoded information in the Quantum Field. This easy to use app invokes increased energy, naturally and instantly, using our body’s own innate intelligence and awareness. Our bodies contain at least 70% water...this being the perfect conduit for information to be translated for whatever the body needs. The Water Harmonizer App has built-in custom panels to energetically encode essential harmonic information to transform your vibration, increasing your Quantum Resonance to a higher frequency, allowing you to be more resistant to negative influences.


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You'll receive an email immediately after your Water Harmonizer Purchase with the registration URL link & instructions to download the Water Harmonizer on your smart phone or computer.

"The words themselves actually emit a unique vibration that the water is sensing. When water is shown a written word, it receives it as vibration, and expresses the message in a specific form, like a visual code for expressing words. Water exposed to the words," Thank you" formed beautiful geometric crystals, no matter what the language. But water exposed to, " fool" and other degrading words resulted in obviously broken and deformed crystals. When a complete geometric crystal is formed, water is in alignment with nature and the phenomena we call life. The words, gratitude and love, form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life."

Deeper Understanding & Science of Water

Water has memory and consciousness, meaning it can be programmed to retain information and also translate information to the body. It can also be reprogrammed to remove unwanted toxins from the body! Yes, we can use encoded information and our intentions to transmute negative thought patterns. As human consciousness awakens to innate awareness we are tapping into our potential to reverse negative effects of ageing and other detrimental influences.